Should Both Spouses File For Bankruptcy?

If you are married and struggling with excessive debt, you have probably asked yourself this question: Should both of us file for bankruptcy? The answer to this question depends on your unique circumstances.

One thing you may wish to consider is that it is generally cost-efficient to file jointly with your spouse, as it avoids the expense of two separate bankruptcy filing fees.

Another important consideration is the amount and nature of the debt you are trying to discharge. If you and your spouse are jointly responsible for a large amount of debt, it is likely in your best interests to file a joint bankruptcy petition. If, on the other hand, your debts are mostly separate, your best option may be to file separately.

The attorneys at The Rose Law Office can review your financial situation to help you determine whether or not you should file singly or jointly. We have extensive experience handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for clients in Cincinnati and throughout surrounding Ohio communities.

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