Tax Refunds And Bankruptcy In Cincinnati

If you are filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to keep your tax refund provided you engage in careful bankruptcy planning.

At The Rose Law Office, our lawyers can advise you on many aspects of bankruptcy planning, including how to keep your tax refund in bankruptcy. We provide knowledgeable bankruptcy law guidance to clients in Cincinnati and throughout surrounding Ohio communities.

Bankruptcy And Tax Refunds

In bankruptcy, your tax refund is considered part of the bankruptcy estate, and is subject to being seized by the bankruptcy trustee and used to pay creditors.

It is entirely possible, however, to protect your refund by using careful bankruptcy planning. A portion of your refund may be exempt if you are eligible for the Earned Income Credit and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit. If your refund is not fully exempt, we will help you protect it by determining the best time to file your case in order to make sure you can keep all of the money you are entitled to.

As with any aspect of bankruptcy planning, it is important to proceed carefully when dealing with bankruptcy and tax refunds. Our attorneys will carefully examine your situation to help you determine if you can keep your tax refund in bankruptcy.

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