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The Rose Law Office has served the bankruptcy needs of residents of the Cincinnati and Colerain, Ohio, areas for over 20 years.

Our firm has over 20 years of experience handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, as well as a broad range of bankruptcy-related matters, including mortgage foreclosures, creditor harassment, wage garnishment, bank account seizures, creditor lawsuits, and car and truck repossession.

Frequently, individuals who have completed the bankruptcy process continue to experience credit issues caused by incorrect credit information reporting and posting. Often, creditors fail to report credit and debt information consistent with judgments and debt forgiveness as provided by bankruptcy.

Whether creditors and credit agencies supply and post incorrect credit information accidentally, or creditors report incorrect information deliberately, your credit score can be damaged significantly. Problems can include difficulty acquiring loans and the need to pay higher interest rates.

If you believe your credit reports contain false information, contact the Rose Law Office. We are skilled in helping clients restore their credit scores.

Creditors and credit agencies are bound by numerous laws that govern their rights and responsibilities when posting credit information, and are required to:

  • Report accurate credit information
  • Investigate disputed information
  • Provide consumers with a broad range of credit score information upon request
  • Desist from retaining negative information regarding debtors for an excessive period

You should not have to pay a higher interest rate for a car loan because debts that have been erased through bankruptcy remain on your credit report. If you have questions regarding restoring your credit, contact attorney John Rose.

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If you have questions regarding your credit report, contact the Rose Law Office for a free initial consultation. We charge competitive fees, offer flexible payment schedules and are available for flexible appointments as needed. Our firm is easily located on the corner of 7th and Vine, and we also operate an office in Colerain for clients' convenience. To contact a lawyer, call 513-729-7196.