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If you are facing debt problems and considering bankruptcy, it is important to have accurate information about bankruptcy law and the pros and cons of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information circulating about bankruptcy that can prove confusing.

At The Rose Law Office, in Cincinnati, Ohio, our attorneys can provide you with accurate bankruptcy law information, sharing our knowledge so you can make sound, informed decisions about your debt relief options. We have helped thousands of clients through the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

There are many myths surrounding the bankruptcy process. For accurate information about your bankruptcy case, it is always advisable to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Myth: I will lose all my property if I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The truth: Very few people who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have assets that do not fall within the bankruptcy exemptions. If you file for Chapter 7, you will most likely be able to keep your house, your car and other personal property.

Myth: I can only file for bankruptcy once.

The truth: You can file for bankruptcy more than once. There may be a waiting period to file again, depending on which chapter you filed under before, and which chapter you are seeking to file under now.

Myth: I will never get credit again after filing for bankruptcy.

The truth: Many people are surprised to find out how easy it is to get credit after filing for bankruptcy. In fact, you will probably receive many credit card offers in the mail after you file. Of course, it is important to proceed with caution, building your credit up with prudent use of new credit offers.

Myth: I will lose my tax refund if I file for bankruptcy.

The truth: This is not always the case. With careful bankruptcy planning, it may be possible to keep your tax refund and other assets you own.

Myth: People who file for bankruptcy are careless and irresponsible.

The truth: Most people who file for bankruptcy do so due to an unforeseen financial crisis such as job loss or medical bills. In any case, we will never judge you for past decisions, but rather work with you to manage and improve your financial situation.

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