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The seizure of bank accounts during bankruptcy can cause serious financial problems. Unlike wage garnishment, which is limited to 25 percent of post-tax income per paycheck, bank account seizure laws allow creditors to seize an entire account, and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars can be lost at once.

One of the most distressing and expensive bank account seizure scenarios occurs when creditors seize funds from a husband and wife's joint account. Even if Spouse A caused the entire debt and Spouse B funded the entire account, a creditor can often seize all assets in the account.

If you face seizure of your bank account funds, contact the Rose Law Office. We have helped hundreds of clients retain a cumulative hundreds of thousands of dollars of bank account funds since focusing on bankruptcy law over 20 years ago.

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Many creditor parties can seize bank account funds from debtors. Common creditors that seize funds include hospitals, credit cards, lenders, landlords and car dealerships.

Court judgments that allow creditors to seize funds can be valid for years. Often, creditors wait up to three or four years until there are funds in an account, then seize the funds, long after debtors have assumed they are free of the judgment.

Do not wait until your funds are seized. Once seized, they are almost impossible to recover. Instead, contact attorney John Rose. We can provide counsel on how to protect assets and file for bankruptcy protection, which can quickly and completely protect all of your possessions from creditors and collection agencies.

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