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Attorney Assistance in Opposing a Creditor Lawsuit

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To individuals, businesses and families facing financial problems, few events can cause more anxiety than knowing that a creditor has filed a lawsuit. A creditor lawsuit serves as a precursor to court-ordered judgment, which can allow a creditor to garnish wages, seize bank accounts and other property, repossess cars and foreclose on homes.

Even the most aggressive and harassing creditor has little power prior to filing a creditor lawsuit. Once a suit is filed, however, a debtor's property can be quickly placed at risk.

If you have questions regarding creditor lawsuits, wage garnishment, bank account seizure or vehicle repossession, contact the Rose Law Office. We are skilled at protecting the property rights of people throughout the Cincinnati and Colerain, Ohio, area.

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Courts take approximately two months to grant a judgment for paycheck garnishment, property foreclosure and bank account seizure once a creditor files suit. This "due process" often provides debtors time to effectively protect their property.

If a creditor has filed a suit against you, including hospitals, credit card companies, home lenders, car sales organizations or any other creditor, contact lawyer John Rose. We have helped numerous clients protect their property from collections agencies and a wide variety of creditors through bankruptcy law, the removal of funds from accounts, and other legal methods and tools.

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