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One of the worst results of financial challenges can be the loss of your vehicle to repossession. Significant funds can be tied up in your vehicle. Your quality of life and the quality of life of your family can plummet. And job hunting can be almost impossible without adequate transportation.

The return of a leased car can also be difficult. Generally, lease terms strongly favor the leasing company, even when the person leasing the vehicle closely follows the lease terms. If you lose your leased car due to financial problems or return your car early to save money, the financial consequences can be severe.

At the Rose Law Office, we have helped over 12,000 individuals and families in the Cincinnati area who face financial problems, including problems relating to bought and leased vehicles.

Are creditors threatening to repossess your car or truck? Do you have questions regarding your financial rights in a leased vehicle dispute? Contact the Rose Law Office at 513-729-7196.

Many circumstances can lead to vehicle disputes. Perhaps you have not been able to stay current on your car payments. Perhaps a salesperson took financial advantage of you on the salesroom floor. Or perhaps the payment on your leased vehicle is too large for your current finances.

Lawyer John Rose can negotiate with creditors, review lease contracts, provide counsel regarding bankruptcy protection, and use numerous other legal options to help you meet your goals regarding your vehicle - including protect your finances and keeping you in your car. The return of leased cars and the repossession of purchased cars both negatively affect your credit. For answers and legal assistance, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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