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Consumer protections for creditor calls are about to get stronger

Being behind on your bills is an incredibly stressful experience. All the contact from creditors and collection agencies only makes things worse. While at first this contact might be seen as "friendly reminders," eventually it can turn into creditor harassment, and there are ways you can stop it.

Yes, there is life after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can seem like a naughty word. But declaring bankruptcy does not necessarily indicate financial irresponsibility. Rather, the decision to declare bankruptcy indicates a willingness to accept one's situation. You are prepared to move forward in the face of financial difficulty.

Debt relief for stressed (and sometimes sleep-deprived) single moms

You know how stressful it is to be a single parent. Trying to take care of children on your own is tough, especially if you're working a low-wage job or multiple jobs that leave you worn out at the end of the day.

Can someone file for bankruptcy more than once?

Bankruptcy laws have been passed by Congress to protect debtors in Ohio and around the country from the actions of their creditors when they are unable to pay the debts they owe. After receiving relief through a bankruptcy discharge, some people find themselves to be in the unfortunate circumstance of once again needing relief from overwhelming debt. People in this situation may wonder if they are able to file for bankruptcy again, and if so, how soon filing again is allowed.

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