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October 2010 Archives

Bankruptcy Can Help Some Ohio Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

The recent foreclosure crisis has dominated the news for several weeks as banks halted foreclosures and the attorneys general of all 50 states chimed in regarding alleged improprieties. Many Ohio homeowners that have been faced with foreclosure have sought relief under the bankruptcy code. Filing for bankruptcy in many cases allows homeowners to retain their home.

Should Credit Checks Be Banned in Pre-Employment Screening

The tough economy over the last three years has given a rise to the number of people filing for bankruptcy. High credit card balances, lower levels of employment or unemployment are a common situation for people all across Ohio. Ohio bankruptcy attorneys know that getting into financial trouble can sometimes be a Catch-22 for people.

Chapter 13 Trustee Joins Lawsuit Against Foreclosure Processors

While the foreclosure debacle continues to twist and turn, allegations of improprieties in foreclosure processing are the focus of a lawsuit. The lawsuit takes a much broader look at the foreclosure industry. A chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee has even joined in the fray. Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees have a duty in Ohio, as elsewhere, to scrutinize both lenders and creditors in administering the bankruptcy estate.

Some Ohio Homeowners Not Surprised by Recent Foreclosure News

This blog recently reported the story of major banks putting a temporary halt to the foreclosure process in Ohio. The story of banks using "robo-signers" to crank out documents like widgets from a factory may be just a part of the story. Several Ohio homeowners have faced foreclosure and have nightmares to tell.

Elder Americans Filing for Bankruptcy Relief on the Rise

High interest rate credit cards, large debt balances and the number of credit cards individually held are among the factors that cause older Americans to seek bankruptcy relief, according to the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. Overall bankruptcy filings in Ohio and across the country remain high.

Ohio Representative Kilroy's Medical Debt Bill Passes in House

The United States House recently approved a measure that would prohibit the credit bureaus from using medical debt in calculating a person's credit score, if the medical debt has been paid-off or settled. The measure would require the credit-rating bureaus to remove medical debt from credit reports within 30 days of payoff or settlement.

U.S. Bankruptcy Filings are Up 11 Percent This Year

Some experts say that the recession ended last year, others are not so sure. In Ohio and across the nation many Americans are still struggling. In the first 9 months of 2010 roughly 1.16 million consumer bankruptcy cases were filed across the country, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Bankruptcy filings in the United States increased 11 percent this year compared to the same time frame in 2009.

Chase Bank Suspends Foreclosures in Ohio, 22 Other States

JPMorgan Chase bank has put a temporary halt to the foreclosure process of 56,000 home scattered across 23 states. Ohio is included in the temporary suspension of foreclosures. The news came a week after Ally, formerly GMAC Mortgage, suspended foreclosures in the 23 states to review whether documents used to seek a court order to foreclose were improperly signed.

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