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November 2010 Archives

Trustee Says Toni Braxton's Bankruptcy Is Currently An Abuse

Grammy award winning singer Toni Braxton recently for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. Now the United States Trustee is stepping in after reviewing Braxton's bankruptcy petition. The Trustee's Office reportedly filed a document in the Bankruptcy Court proceeding saying Braxton's filing is presumed to be an abuse of the bankruptcy process.

Loan Modification Given, Taken Away, Reinstated

In 2007, a Midwestern cable installer earned sufficient money to qualify for a $256,000 loan on a two bedroom home. He and his wife had no difficulty making the $1,848 monthly payments. Then in 2008, the economy slumped and the cable company cut the man's hours.

The Loan Modification Process Does Not Always Halt Foreclosure

Hearings on the foreclosure crisis began this week on Capitol Hill. Banks gave many people across America and in Ohio mortgages they could not afford. Foreclosures became rampant as lenders repossessed homes of people that became delinquent. Allegations of robo-signers have spread across the country.

Common Errors to Correct in Individual Credit Report

A study conducted by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group says that a whopping 79 percent of all credit reports contain erroneous information. Experts and credit restoration attorneys in Ohio know that erroneous information in credit reports can have serious adverse effects upon an individual's credit score.

Collection Company Under Fire Using For Fake Courtroom

All across the nation, state and federal laws govern how bill collectors can proceed fairly to attempt to collect on a debt. Stories of unfair collection practices come and go. But any seasoned Ohio bankruptcy attorney would say that a story coming out of Pennsylvania shocks the conscience.

Save the Dream Ohio Scam Warning

The Ohio Attorney General's Office says that internet scammers are attempting to prey on homeowners under the guise of the foreclosure prevention initiative, "Save the Ohio Dream." Website advertisements have popped up in Ohio pretending to be associated with the government program.

How Effective Is Financial Education Course in Bankruptcy?

A new study has been announced finding that the financial education course required of individuals filing for bankruptcy is flawed and is of little use to many who take the course. The study was conducted by Katherine Porter, a well respected bankruptcy expert and professor of law. The study was co-authored by Deborah Thorne, associate professor of sociology and anthropology at Ohio University.

Could Underwater Mortgages and Foreclosures Delay Recovery?

Foreclosures have been sweeping the country for nearly two years. News of improprieties in the foreclosure process has been sweeping the news for weeks. The effect of the overall foreclosure crisis and the economic meltdown in 2007 runs deeper on the overall housing market in Ohio and across the country.

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