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March 2011 Archives

Debt collection industry is broken, reform needed

The Federal Trade Commission says hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers make contact with the agency each year over a variety of consumer protection issues. Consumers contact the federal agency with questions about debt collection practices and to make complaints the agency. Any experienced Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney has heard stories of about how far some creditors will go in an effort to collect on a debt.

Report: Cincinnati area foreclosures down in February

Foreclosures in the Cincinnati-Middletown area have decreased in 3 of the last 4 months, according to RealtyTrac Inc. In February, the number of foreclosure filings dropped 10.7 percent from the number posted during December, 2010. Foreclosure cases filed in February of this year fell as much as 25 percent when compared to last February.

Federal court outside Ohio issues background check ruling

A second federal appellate court has ruled that private companies can consider a person's bankruptcy history in making a hiring decision. The ruling was handed down by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the South. The Fifth Circuit does not include Ohio, but in the absence of contrary authority, the decision could be persuasive to a court in Ohio.

Historic fine levied against bill collection company

The Federal Trade Commission recently settled with a bill collection company regarding allegations of aggressive and deceptive bill collection tactics the company used against debtors. Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys are aware that despite federal protection against creditor harassment, bill collectors still can, at times, go too far in attempting to collect on a debt.

Will health care reform ease medical related bankruptcies?

There are many different reasons Ohioans may find themselves in financial distress. Unemployment, divorce and the overall tough economy have strained many. It is also not uncommon for people who have faced medical issues to seek out an experienced Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney.

Can bankruptcy save an Ohio home from foreclosure?

There is no question that the news has been filled with stories regarding the foreclosure crisis and home loan modification programs. Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers are aware that some distressed homeowners overlook bankruptcy as an option to stop a foreclosure.

Proposed foreclosure settlement draws heat

Federal regulators and attorneys general from all fifty states signed on to a proposed mortgage servicing settlement that was sent last week to several of the larger financial institutions. The proposed settlement is the result of a state and federal investigation of bank mortgage practices after the foreclosure crisis revealed irregularities in how banks processed foreclosures.

Research: bankruptcy reform may have increased US foreclosures

Recent research suggests that the sweeping bankruptcy reform laws enacted in 2005 is a factor in the increase in foreclosures across the country. Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys know that filing for bankruptcy can in many cases allow a distressed homeowner to retain their home.

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