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Creditor uses Facebook to harass and embarrass woman over $362

Creditors have attempted to use a great variety of methods to attempt to collect a debt. This blog has reported several stories of how far some bill collectors will go in seeking to collect debts.

Recently, a bill collector reportedly resorted to social media in order to attempt to collect from a financially distressed woman. Cincinnati bankruptcy attorneys note that filing a bankruptcy petition can stop creditor harassment.

The woman who had been harassed by a bill collector through social media allegedly owed money on a car loan. She apparently was delinquent on a $362 outstanding bill. The creditor called her on the telephone six to ten times per day, according to a lawsuit she filed against the creditor. The collector sent text messages to her cell phone. The creditor contacted her neighbor and sent a courier to her workplace to deliver a collection letter, according to a lawsuit.

The bill collector resorted to trying to track the woman down through Facebook. The creditor reportedly went beyond merely using the social networking site to contact the woman. The woman says in her lawsuit the creditor sent messages to her family and friends through the networking site asking them to tell her to call the bill collector.

The woman sued and a judge ordered the bill collector to stop using the social networking site in its attempts to collect on the $362 debt.

Other bill collectors have tried using the social networking site to seek out debtors. Some experts say it appears to be a growing trend.

One Midwestern man reportedly received a friend request on Facebook from a woman displaying a profile picture of her wearing a bikini. The man accepted the "friend request." Later, the "friend" reportedly posted a message on his Facebook wall telling him to pay his debts.

Source: AP via The Washington Post, "Judge: debt agency can't contacts woman on Facebook," Tamara Lush 9 Mar 2011

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