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April 2011 Archives

New law to slow wage garnishment of exempt funds

State and federal laws protect consumers from debt collectors who overreach in attempting to collect a debt. Still, many Ohio residents who are facing a large debt load in this tough economy know that not all debt collectors follow the letter of the law. This blog has reported several stories of unscrupulous debt collection practices.

Many situations can lead to the necessity to file bankruptcy

Public officials often have to make public financial disclosures. An experienced Cincinnati bankruptcy attorney knows that the reason people seek bankruptcy protection vary greatly from situation to situation. A public official in the South filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief in January. Recently, the county commissioner released a letter detailing the reasons she and her husband sought bankruptcy protection to set the record straight.

Senator from Ohio introduces foreclosure bill on Capitol Hill

Mortgage servicers have been under fire ever since the "robo-singing" scandal hit the news. Now a U.S. Senator wants to place more government oversight on the mortgage industry, especially in relation to foreclosure proceedings. Senator Sherrod Brown introduced The Foreclosure Fraud and Homeowner Abuse Prevention Act of 2011 in the Senate last week. The measure is intended to prevent future mortgage servicer fraud and errors and reform oversight of mortgage based investing.

Former ballplayer arrested for bankruptcy fraud

Former Major League Baseball player Lenny Dykstra has been arrested on allegations of bankruptcy fraud. After retiring from baseball, the former star outfielder went into business and sold a successful car wash for millions. He then launched a career as a stock analyst. The rise to the heights of the business world became embroiled with allegations of misdeeds. Dykstra filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009.

Does cable really cost $16.4 million in Ohio?

Having a credit card rejected can be a distasteful experience. A Beavercreek, Ohio man recently received a letter in the mail explaining that his credit card had been rejected by his cable television supplier. The letter stated that the card was rejected due to insufficient funds. The more troubling aspect of the letter was the contents of the letter seeking payment.

What are chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy for Ohio consumers?

When the founders of our country wrote the Constitution, they were aware that, at times, people can run into financial hardship. The framers of the Constitution gave Congress the authority to enact bankruptcy laws. Life turns can cause bills to mount. Some Ohioans have suffered a catastrophic injury that left them with large medical expenses. Layoffs, divorce, and other reasons for financial distress can vary from person to person.

Ohio homeowners cautioned about mortgage scams

The economy and foreclosure crisis have left many distressed homeowners looking for options to save their home from falling into the foreclosure statistics. A number of unscrupulous companies have arisen that prey on distressed homeowners on Ohio. A recent report put out by a number of consumer groups, including the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center of Dayton, Ohio, (MVFHC) has identified a number of tactics that continue to be used to prey on homeowners in default on their mortgage.

Bankruptcy filings down 6 percent in first quarter 2011

The number of Americans seeking debt relief through the bankruptcy court fell 6 percent during the first three month of 2011, when compared to the same time frame last year. The total number of consumer bankruptcies filed across the country dropped to 340,012 in the 2011 first quarter. In the first quarter of 2010, 363,215 Americans filed for bankruptcy relief.

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