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Does cable really cost $16.4 million in Ohio?

Having a credit card rejected can be a distasteful experience. A Beavercreek, Ohio man recently received a letter in the mail explaining that his credit card had been rejected by his cable television supplier. The letter stated that the card was rejected due to insufficient funds. The more troubling aspect of the letter was the contents of the letter seeking payment.

The letter stated the man owed $16,409,112. Obviously the bill was a mistake. This is not a story about a bill collector lawsuit, creditor harassment or even about the need to file bankruptcy to clear up the matter. One of the Beavercreek resident's main concerns is related to his credit report. He grew concerned that the mistake could affect his credit rating.

Any experienced Cincinnati credit restoration attorney knows that creditors and credit agencies have certain rights and responsibilities when they report credit information to the credit bureaus. It is true that false information can be harmful to a credit score.

The Beavercreek man certainly made contact with Time Warner concerning the bill that arrived in the mail. The man reportedly spent roughly 40 minutes on the phone with a customer service representative trying to clear up the problem related to the enormous overcharge.

The man still reportedly has concerns over his credit score. Incorrect credit information can at times be accidentally reported to the credit bureaus. A credit restoration attorney can help individuals to restore their credit when outdated or false appears on a credit report.

Source: Dayton Daily News, "Time Warner charges Wright-Patt engineer $16.4 million for cable," Dave Larsen 25 Mar 2011

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