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August 2011 Archives

Actor Burt Reynolds faces foreclosure

The economy and the housing crisis have placed many Cincinnati residents between a rock and a hard place. Lower valued homes and a soft economy has allowed household budgets to be strapped. It is a story that seems to be true, not only here in Ohio, but across the country and in every sector of the economy.

Chapter 13 plans must be approved in bankruptcy

For many working Cincinnati area residents who, despite their income, are experiencing financial distress a chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding can be a valuable tool to find significant debt relief. In chapter 13 an Ohio resident can often retain all of their property, while curing issues with back taxes, delinquent mortgages or digging out from a mountain of unsecured debt.

Ohio hospitals increasing use of liens for medical debt

Unemployment, underemployment and credit card debt can create havoc on a household's finances. Another area of difficulty for many Americans understood by nearly any experienced bankruptcy attorney is medical debt. Medical debts can blindside a family.

FBI: Mortgage scams in Ohio, across country on the rise

Foreclosure and mortgage fraud scams are seeing a large spike in the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Authorities say the rise in mortgage scams could well continue to increase if the economy does not improve. Financially distressed homeowners can be vulnerable to the scams as they try to save their home and put a halt to home mortgage foreclosures.

Use of 401(K) loans on the rise in shaky economy

The Employee Benefit Research Institute tracks how many American workers take out loans against their 401(k) plans. The organization has been tracking the data since 1996. In 2009, the group says more than 20 percent of American workers borrowed against their retirement accounts. They have not issued numbers for 2010, however, a number of experts who handle 401(k) plans for large companies say a growing number of workers are tapping into their retirement accounts in today's tough economy.

Should the U.S. impose a foreclosure freeze?

Ohio Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur offered a proposal in the United States House more than a month ago seeking to place a temporary freeze on foreclosures across the country. More than 7 million homeowners have faced foreclosure proceedings in the past four years. Roughly 4 million homeowners nationwide are at some point in the foreclosure process or are currently in default of their mortgage.

Super Bowl rings up for auction in chapter 13 case

Debates over the national debt have filled the news in recent weeks. While the nation struggles with its debt, many Ohio residents reflect on their own financial status. The economy has affected many Cincinnati residents adversely. There are a number of types of bankruptcy protection available under federal law for individuals to recover from financial distress. The two most common forms of bankruptcy for consumers are known as chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy relief.

Bankruptcy filings drop in July

Federal officials keep releasing numbers showing the nation's economy remains sluggish. Consumer spending fell slightly in June and unemployment remains high. The Labor Department says overall unemployment sits at 9.2 percent with the broader numbers, which include underemployed workers, is at 16.2 percent.

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