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Ohio Mayoral candidate in chapter 13 bankruptcy

Several years ago, a Streetsboro, Ohio man experienced a string of financial setbacks. The man went through a divorce. The father of two carried his daughter on his medical policy and she ran into some health problems. The medical bills piled up. The working man experienced a 40 percent decrease in pay when he left a part-time job while he raised he two kids. His son began college, which the father was intent on helping out with financially.

In 2009, the man sought bankruptcy relief. He is now two years into a five-year chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. The man reportedly continues to make his monthly chapter 13 bankruptcy payments. The story, however, recently came up in the public eye, because the man is a Mayoral candidate in the November election. Many Ohio residents have faced similar stories.

Any experienced Cincinnati chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer has heard stories of divorce, medical bills and decreases in income, among many other forms of financial distress that can adversely affect an individual's financial stability. For many, filing a bankruptcy petition can be a pathway back to financial relief.

The Streetsboro man says the bankruptcy proceeding gave him a chance to get his debt and household financial situation back under control. In the tough economy of the past few years, many Ohioans have experienced financial distress. For the Mayoral candidate, the bankruptcy proceeding has put him back "on good financial ground," he says.

He says the decision to file bankruptcy has nothing to do with whether he can balance a checkbook. To the contrary, he affirmatively states he knows "how to manage a checkbook." Life's twists and turns can affect anyone adversely; when the issues are compounded by a string of financial setbacks, bankruptcy relief is available as a fresh start.

Source: Ravenna Record Courier, "Streetsboro mayoral candidate Broska confirms bankruptcy," Aug. 20, 2011

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