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Restoring bad credit under available law

Issues surrounding bad credit have always concerned families, and individuals, across Ohio. The credit reporting system can seem like an enigma for many Cincinnati residents. Part of the difficulty for consumers is the fact that, while people are aware that credit reporting companies exist to track credit history and compute credit scores, the issue usually only becomes concrete when a consumer decides to buy a car, a home or enter some transaction where a credit history is required.

The credit reporting companies seem to have some power over whether a consumer can get a good interest rate or even qualify for a loan. Cincinnati credit restoration lawyers, however, know that not all of the information in a credit report is necessarily accurate. There are some instances where false or outdated information remains on a credit report, resulting in a lower credit score for the consumer. It is important to note that not all information in a credit report can be removed, but in many cases, a consumer can challenge information to improve their credit score.

Companies offering credit repair tend to pop up all across the country. Not all credit repair companies, however, are worth their salt. Experts say some purported credit companies fail to deliver on their promises, leaving a consumer with just another bill.

Credit repair is governed by laws. Credit repair may not be available in all cases, depending upon the individual circumstances. But in many cases, false information or outdated information on a credit report can have adverse consequences for the consumer.

For instance, after a bankruptcy, credit reports may improperly contain information that is no longer consistent with the legal effect of the bankruptcy discharge. In other instances, false information may simply find its way into a credit report and remains there because the consumer does not challenge the false information.

Ohio residents who believe their credit reports show incorrect or false information can speak with an experienced Cincinnati credit restoration attorney to learn more about how the laws that control credit reports work.

Source:, "How to dispute charges on your credit report," Meredith Yeomans, Nov. 16, 2011

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