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April 2012 Archives

Are pro athletes more susceptible to financial distress?

Several stories have made the news in recent months involving bankruptcy petitions and professional athletes. This blog has covered a number of stories that address the unique assets that some retired athletes acquired during their playing careers, including championship rings and other sports merchandise that can command high prices on the market that exceed bankruptcy exemptions.

Research looks at number of kids affected by foreclosure

The media has reported about the effects of the foreclosure debacle on homeowners, the housing market, the economy, and a variety of other issues over the course of the crisis. Certainly Ohio homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet have concerns over the issues surrounding a mortgage foreclosure.

Bank tracks Livan Hernandez with wage garnishment orders

Major League pitcher Livan Hernandez has been associated with a number of baseball franchises since the end of the last baseball season. He was a free agent in December when a court issued a wage garnishment order after a debt collection lawsuit was entered against the Major Leaguer last October.

Disabled mother of two considers chapter 13 bankruptcy to save home

A 40-year-old woman in the Midwest who suffers from Crohn's disease and Fibromyalgia has two kids to support and a mortgage. She receives disability checks from the federal government and works part-time at home as best she can to try to make ends meet.

Study: 200,000 consumers will use tax refund to pay for bankruptcy

A new study indicates that roughly 200,000 taxpayers will use their tax refund this year to file for bankruptcy. The study, conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research simply confirms what bankruptcy lawyers across the country have long been aware of.

Federal regulator: Home loan principle reductions could save $1.7 billion, but...

The man placed in charge of regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the wake of the housing market crisis says that reducing the principle balances on underwater mortgages backed by the government-owned companies could save $1.7 billion.

Former NFL star Warren Sapp files for chapter 7 bankruptcy

This blog has previously reported the stories of former professional athletes who have sought bankruptcy protection. In several instances, the former pro athletes owned championship rings that were auctioned off during the bankruptcy case. Sources say that chapter 7 bankruptcy papers, which were filed March 30, indicate that a former NFL player's 2002 Super Bowl ring and his 1991 NCAA championship ring were lost years ago.

Is a new wave of home mortgage foreclosures on the horizon?

News reports of recent increases in home sales, and stabilizing or, improvements in home market prices have been greeted with welcome relief across the country. As this blog recently reported, foreclosures declined last year at the same time 49 states and the federal government were negotiating with the major mortgage servicing companies toward the recent settlement in the home mortgage foreclosure scandal.

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