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Repo man accused of stealing cars with company truck

A repo man in the South Central United States was recently arrested for stealing a Chevrolet Tahoe. Authorities say that the repo man went into an apartment complex parking lot, hooked up the Tahoe to his company wrecker, and simply drove away. Apparently police stopped the wrecker later that morning. Police say that during the 6:00 a.m. traffic stop in May of this year, the repo man produced paperwork, and said the vehicle was a repossession. Authorities checked reports and noted that the Tahoe had not been reported stolen-so police let the man drive away with the SUV in tow.

Then the owner called police to report his SUV had been stolen. The owner had been current on his car payments-he had only had the car for about four months when the wrecker hauled the Tahoe away on Mother's Day.

In late September, police responded to a car accident involving a wrecker truck. One media outlet reports that the repo man was pulled over again in mid-September hauling a stolen vehicle under the guise of a repossession. 2Authorities looked back to a dash cam video from the traffic stop in May, and concluded that the repo company wrecker was the same one that had been pulled over towing a Tahoe. Police also identified the driver as the same man caught on tape this past spring.

Police later found the Tahoe in a river. The repo man had removed the true owner's valuables from the abandoned vehicle.

Many people in the Cincinnati area who have fallen into financial distress may feel that a repossession is tantamount to theft. However, Ohio, like every state in the union allows for repossessions in specified circumstances. Thankfully, the founders of the country understood that people can, from time to time, face financial problems. The framers gave Congress the authority to pass bankruptcy laws-the authority is expressly written into the Constitution.

Filing for bankruptcy places a halt to all collection activities, including repossessions, wage garnishment, foreclosure, as well as other forms of collection. In some cases, a creditor may resume collection activities, but only with express permission of the bankruptcy court. Anyone in the Cincinnati area can have their own financial situation analyzed by a bankruptcy lawyer to learn what the bankruptcy code may offer in terms of debt relief.


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