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November 2012 Archives

Repo man takes van from couple current on auto-loan

Debt collectors have a number of avenues to legally seek repayment under our laws. Creditor lawsuits are often filed against a debtor to obtain a judgment. The court order can be used to later garnish wages under Ohio law, or seize funds in a bank account. On certain types of transactions, the lender can seek return of property, such as a foreclosure action on a home, or through repossession of an automobile.

Occupy group seeks to raise awareness of personal debt

A group of people identified as an offshoot of the Occupy movement recently held a gathering on the East Coast to raise money to eliminate personal debts of unsuspecting beneficiaries. The soiree included name tags for attendees, who were asked to identify themselves on the tags by their outstanding personal debt balance.

Army veteran sues debt collector for egregious harassment, P. 2

In the last post, this blog began a discussion of a lawsuit recently filed by a disabled servicemember, who says that a bill collector unlawfully seized funs in a savings account that are exempt from attachment in a wage garnishment or bank account seizure action under federal law. The story left off after the disabled veteran challenged the bank account seizure in court, where the bill collector admitted that the funds were unlawfully seized.

Army veteran sues debt collector for egregious harassment, P. 1

How far will a debt collection agency go in trying to coerce someone to pay a debt? That may be a question to be answered in a recent debt-collection lawsuit. The debt collectors accused on unfair debt collection practices reportedly do not operate in Ohio. But, Ohio residents have served in the military and find the allegations outrageous.

Actor Gary Dourdan of 'CSI' fame files for bankruptcy

A lawsuit over credit card debt reportedly sent actor Gary Dourdan into a financial tailspin. The former "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star was sued over the consumer debt in 2010. Obviously, the entertainer was having some level of financial difficulty when that debt lawsuit was filed.

Toni Braxton's financial woes continue, mansion up for sale

Singer Toni Braxton continues to have financial woes. Roughly two years ago, this blog reported difficulties the singer was having in her chapter 7 bankruptcy case. At that time, the trustee alleged that the Grammy Award winning singer's bankruptcy proceeding was not proper for chapter 7. Braxton had filed for bankruptcy in 2010, stating that she owed millions of dollars to creditors.

Researchers find curious link between Facebook and credit card debt

Today's story comes from the department of "What will they study next?" Researchers decided to study the effects of logging into social media, such as Facebook. The research indicates that the experience tends to raise a person's self-esteem. But the study found that a rise in self esteem may lower self-control in the areas of health and financial decision making.

Ohio cities turn to grant money to raze foreclosed homes

Several cities in Ohio are tearing down unoccupied homes that have been foreclosed. Cincinnati is one of the cities, but Youngstown, Zanesville and Newark, Ohio are also among the cities that have decided to raze homes after foreclosure. Mayors in Ohio, and elsewhere in the country, say that tearing down the unoccupied homes is a safety issue.

US military officials chime in on personal debt of troops

Any member of a household that carries high balances of debt can understand the strain that debt can place on consumers. Cincinnati area residents should probably not be too surprised that large debt loads can place a strain on members of our Armed Forces. Officials at the Pentagon say that financial troubles are the leading source of anxiety among American troops. The officials say that anxiety over debt can top the anxieties that service members experience--and in some cases, creating more anxiety than war itself, according to Reuters.

Ohio Supreme Court reverses lower court foreclosure order

A couple from Southwest Ohio tried to enter into a short sale in 2009. Many people in Ohio have sought that type of transaction in the wake of housing market collapse and the foreclosure crisis. A third-party, however, later bought the couple's home at a sheriff's sale. Not only did the short sale fall through, but the company that bought the home sought to foreclose upon the home.

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