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Actor Gary Dourdan of 'CSI' fame files for bankruptcy

A lawsuit over credit card debt reportedly sent actor Gary Dourdan into a financial tailspin. The former "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" star was sued over the consumer debt in 2010. Obviously, the entertainer was having some level of financial difficulty when that debt lawsuit was filed.

More recently, the actor was faced with a potential foreclosure of his home. The actor's foreclosure proceeding on the West Coast was being handled in a judicial foreclosure. He decided to seek an injunction to bar the foreclosure from proceeding in the court action. The actor sought the injunctio0n in August, arguing that his lender, Wells Fargo, had failed to offer a relief plan to help him save his home.

However, news broke this week that Dourdan also chose to file for bankruptcy on the same day that he sought the injunction. Generally, a bankruptcy petition can stop a foreclosure proceeding when it is filed with the bankruptcy court. In order for the mortgage lender to resume its efforts to foreclose, the bank must have permission from the court in the bankruptcy proceeding.

The actor says that, after paying his expenses each month, he has only $321 left over in disposable income. His bankruptcy papers list his assets, debts and property, as any bankruptcy petition. The actor says that he owes roughly $1.73 million, mostly to banks. He lists $1.8 million in assets.

The actor still has his eyes on his career. He has not had any significant roles since Warrick Brown, his character on the hit series "CSI" was killed off in 2008. However, he sees significant roles in his future. For now, he apparently is looking for assistance with his debt issues through bankruptcy.

While most people may not live a Hollywood lifestyle, Cincinnati area residents still come from all walks of life. The economic downturn affected many. Certainly, many people can have ups and downs during a career. Workers in Ohio who have unmanageable debt loads and too little disposable income may find that a chapter 13 bankruptcy may help to reorganize the household budget and begin the path back to financial stability.

Source: MSN Entertainment, "Actor Gary Dourdan files for bankruptcy," Nov. 12, 2012

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