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Army veteran sues debt collector for egregious harassment, P. 1

How far will a debt collection agency go in trying to coerce someone to pay a debt? That may be a question to be answered in a recent debt-collection lawsuit. The debt collectors accused on unfair debt collection practices reportedly do not operate in Ohio. But, Ohio residents have served in the military and find the allegations outrageous.

A disabled veteran filed the lawsuit, saying that the debt collectors garnished the wages of his wife. The collectors obtained the woman's credit union account number and froze that savings account seeking past due payments on a defaulted student loan in the veteran's name.

The veteran sustained spine and head injuries while serving his country in the U.S. Army. He was declared 100 percent disabled. He and his wife receive disability benefits as a result. The disability benefits are exempt from garnishment under federal law, but the bill collectors reportedly seized roughly $6,000 in exempt funds from the savings account anyway. But, the veteran says things did not stop there.

The couple immediately fled an objection to the bank account seizure and requested a court hearing to resolve the issue. The veteran says that the bill collectors readily admitted in court that the ban account seizure and garnishment was not authorized, and promised that the funds would be promptly returned. The court reportedly issued an order accordingly, finding that the funds were exempt and needed to be returned. But once again, that was not the end of it according to the disabled vet.

In the next entry, this blog will continue discussing the recent civil lawsuit over harassing conduct filed by the vet, including details of the egregious abusive and harassing language the debt collectors used in an effort to unlawfully squeeze the money from the disabled vet as outlined in the civil lawsuit.


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