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January 2013 Archives

US housing prices show signs of recovery, maybe best in years

Many commentators say that there is a strong link between the housing market and the overall economy. Ohio residents are well aware that the housing crunch has created economic problems. This blog has recently discussed the recent foreclosure rate in Ohio, as well as the decrease in bankruptcy filings that occurred across the state last year.

Study involving new doctors shows debt may influence opportunities

There can be little question that financial considerations are an important aspect of our daily lives. When people suffer financial distress, choices must be made on how to adjust the household budget. Debt can have strong influences on many aspects of our lives. Generally, people in Ohio who are burdened by large balances of unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, medical bills and the like may also have various secured debts that combine to make it difficult to put food on the table and heat the home.

Ohio bankruptcies decline in 2012, analysts say it may be just a lull

In the last post, this blog discussed the increase in foreclosure activity in Ohio last year. Overall, foreclosures rose slightly, but that rise followed a lull in home repossessions. Commentators say that the lull in foreclosures early in the year last year was a factor in a reduction in the number of people filing for bankruptcy in Ohio in 2012, when compared with 2011.

Ohio Foreclosures increase in 2012

Many homeowners in Ohio have kept their eyes on the housing market. Ever since the foreclosure crunch hit several years ago, it has had an effect on many homeowners who have not fallen behind on their mortgage payment. Many commentators have argued that the home mortgage foreclosure glut has hit housing prices, increasing the number of homeowners who have little equity, or are underwater on their home loan balance.

CFPB warns of consumer debt scams from fake bill collectors, P. 3

In the past two entries, this blog has been discussing consumer protections in the debt collection industry. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that fake bill collection scams appear to be on the rise in the United States. Obviously, not all attempts to collect on a debt are fraudulent.

CFPB warns of consumer debt scams from fake bill collectors, P. 2

The last entry on this blog focused on a recent warning to Americans from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about a recent wave of debt collection scams that have harmed consumers. The CFPB regulates the financial services industry to protect consumers. Many laws exist to protect consumers from unfair debt collection practices and federal law provides consumers with remedies, including protection and debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

CFPB warns of consumer debt scams from fake bill collectors, P. 1

The new federal agency that has primary responsibility for regulating consumer protection issues in the financial industry is warning Americans that debt collection scams appear to be on the rise in the country. Followers of this blog know that creditor harassment is a large issue in Ohio, despite consumer protection laws prohibiting unfair debt collection practices.

New Year's resolutions and consumer debt, P.2

In the last post, this blog opened a discussion on getting a handle on household debt for the New Year. Yesterday, the discussion primarily focused upon credit restoration. For some consumers, inaccuracies in a credit report may be a significant culprit in a lowered credit score, which can lead to higher interest rates. But other issues may also be involved when addressing a household budget.

New Year's resolutions and consumer debt, P.1

The New Year is often looked at as a time for a fresh start. Many people use the holiday and create resolutions to improve their lifestyles. However, for many Ohio residents, the New Year can also bring a new load of credit card bills after the holiday season. In many cases, holiday spending can also come with high interest rates.

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