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February 2013 Archives

Auto repossessions down; is it a temporary lull? P.1

An auto auction and remarketing company reports that auto repossessions declined in 2012, especially when compared to the number of repos recorded in 2009. Manheim Consulting estimates that roughly 1.3 million cars were repossessed last year nationwide, according to a USA Today story in The News Journal.

Consumer spending tightening, concerning some economists

Workers in Ohio are likely aware that the payroll tax holiday expired, and many paychecks were smaller in January than what consumers took home in December. Nationwide, gas prices have been relatively high. Economists say that the combination of those two factors and worries about a potential logjam on economic issues in Congress, are all adding up to a drop in spending.

What is chapter 13? Some bankruptcy basics for Ohio homeowners

Many of the stories that this blog has reported have talked about chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Many Ohio residents seek chapter 13 relief to reorganize debts. Many people call a chapter 13 as a wage-earner's bankruptcy. Still, many Ohio residents may not know a great deal about this form of bankruptcy proceeding.

Feds hand over foreclosure reviews to the banks

This blog has discussed the foreclosure review process a number of times. Many homeowners hoped that the review process would provide some amount of compensation in a reasonable amount of time. But the foreclosure review process seemed to be inefficient as relief has not been forthcoming.

FTC issues information on credit report errors

Let's face it, in some ways we live in a plastic world. Many people in Cincinnati rely upon credit cards and other forms of credit to make purchases. Buying a home, or obtaining secured credit for a car, is more difficult for a person with no credit history at all. This blog has previously discussed that a person who has filed for bankruptcy and who work's to improve his or her credit rating may be able to qualify for a new mortgage in a matter of years with hard work.

Ohio State research says young Americans face increasing debt

A recent study at Ohio State says that today's youth are having greater difficulty in paying off credit card debt than previous generations experienced. The study was published in the January edition of Economic Inquiry. Researchers found that younger Americans are amassing higher credit balances than previous generations, and it is taking younger Americans more time to pay off the high debt loads.

Casey Anthony files for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief

The nation followed news reports of the high-profile criminal trial of Casey Anthony nearly two years ago. The woman was acquitted of murdering her child, and convicted of lying to police. But the criminal trial is not the only legal issue that the woman has faced. She currently is facing three civil suits in Florida. Sources now say that Anthony has filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition seeking to discharge numerous debts.

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