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Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee seeks rights to Casey Anthony story

Earlier this year, we reported that Casey Anthony has filed for bankruptcy protection. Because she says that she has no income, she sought relief through a chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. A part of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is a hearing known as the first meeting of creditors (often referred to as a "341 meeting" based upon the Bankruptcy Code section addressing the meeting).

Generally, 341 meetings in a chapter 7 case are held with no major events occurring-the trustee goes over the petition with the debtor and the bankruptcy lawyer (if any) to help answer questions about the case.

During the first meeting with creditors hearing on March 4 in the Casey Anthony bankruptcy, the trustee reportedly inquired about Anthony's income. She reportedly is living with friends and is unemployed.

She told the trustee that she has not received any money to write a book, or otherwise tell her life story. The trustee apparently believes that there may be someone who would pay money for the rights to that story and has filed a motion with the bankruptcy court seeking to sell of that story as a form of property that can be liquidated in bankruptcy.

The trustee claims that at least one person has offered $10,000 for the rights to Anthony's life story, so that she could not at some time personally profit from a book or movie. As many Ohio residents know, the woman was acquitted of murdering her child after a trial in 2010. One book publisher reportedly told the New York Daily News that the tale could be worth seven figures.

Source: New York Daily News, "Trustee wants to sell Casey Anthony's life story," March 18, 2013

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