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January 2014 Archives

Former quarterback Vince Young files for bankruptcy

The former starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, Vince Young, has filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy protection, an unusual move. Chapter 11 is typically reserved for businesses, and a majority of Ohio residents who elect to file for bankruptcy will file under Chapter 7 or 13. In this instance, it is speculated that Young is attempting to avoid having a trustee oversee his case.

Australian medical tycoon files for bankruptcy in Ohio

When things are going well, it seems like the good times may never end. But people in even the most rarified financial positions sometimes need protection under bankruptcy laws. An Australian medical entrepreneur is now dealing with that scenario. He has sought debt relief and asset protection by filing bankruptcy in an Ohio court.

High-profile bankruptcies from 2013 included actor, comedian

No one is immune to a struggling economy -- not even celebrities. A downturn in the economy or unexpected life changes can make paying debts all but impossible, leading to a need to file for bankruptcy. 2013 saw some celebrities filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Ohio residents who are in a similar financial situation may find it reassuring to know that celebrities get into financial trouble, and that there is no shame in needing legal help in resolving them.

Bankruptcy and tax debt mar Ohio candidate's political campaign

Bankruptcy is designed to relieve people of the financial stress of crippling debts. It can provide them a fresh start in life free from many encumbrances. However, people considering this option should be aware of what debts they can and cannot have discharged.

Recent cases show discharge of student loan debt is rare

Ohio residents might choose to file for bankruptcy for any number of reasons regarding their debts. For many people, credit card debt has become unmanageable; for others, unexpected health crises have led to large amounts of medical debt. In general, one of the most difficult types of debt to have discharged in bankruptcy is student loan debt. This is because people in this situation are required to prove that they have suffered undue hardship -- which is, by design, a high bar to clear.

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