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October 2014 Archives

Can someone file for bankruptcy more than once?

Bankruptcy laws have been passed by Congress to protect debtors in Ohio and around the country from the actions of their creditors when they are unable to pay the debts they owe. After receiving relief through a bankruptcy discharge, some people find themselves to be in the unfortunate circumstance of once again needing relief from overwhelming debt. People in this situation may wonder if they are able to file for bankruptcy again, and if so, how soon filing again is allowed.

Recommendations for handling medical debt

In Ohio and across the United States, individuals are struggling with medical debt. Collectors seeking payment of medical bills will contact approximately 20 percent of adults in this country by the end of 2014, according to reports. More than one-third of all the accounts sent to collections result from medical bills. The primary recommendations of some medical billing advocates have to do with record keeping, knowledge, payment options and staying on top of the situation.

Understanding how Chapter 13 bankruptcy works

An Ohio resident may opt for Chapter 13 in filing for bankruptcy for differing reasons. This approach allows for repayment of debts in part or in full over a period of three to five years. Advantages in opting for Chapter 13 include the ability to potentially save a home from foreclosure. Other secured debts may be rescheduled as well, possibly with lower payments. Some choose Chapter 13 because their financial means testing indicates that they are ineligible for Chapter 7, a liquidation approach to bankruptcy.

What debts are not discharged in bankruptcy?

Ohio residents going through bankruptcy will learn that some debts will not be discharged. These include taxes that the government assessed within 240 days of filing for bankruptcy and most outstanding student loans. Other debts that will not be discharged also includes criminal fines and DUI-related debts and most obligations resulting from a divorce order.

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