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December 2014 Archives

Judgment creditors and Ohio wage garnishments

When a person is delinquent in paying unsecured obligations such as credit card debts, the creditor may file a civil lawsuit in order to obtain a judgment for the amount of the debt owed as well as any associated legal fees. Upon receiving a judgment, the creditor may then seek to enforce it.

Bankruptcy and repossession

Many Ohio residents may wonder if they will face repossession if they don't pay their debts. Although repossession is a tool that creditors use to obtain overdue payments, there are rules restricting its use. If a person feels that their rights have been violated by an unlawful repossession, legal action may be possible.

Tips to preventing a home foreclosure

Some Ohio residents may benefit from some tips to avoid a home foreclosure. If home equity has been used to consolidate debt, a lender can foreclose on the home in order to get the title to the property if unexpected circumstances have caused the homeowner to run into financial difficulty. Fortunately, there are several options available to homeowners facing this situation that can help to stop the foreclosure process. Some methods require money, and others demand agreement to relinquish money by the lender through the court system.

Bankruptcy and other debt relief options

Many people are struggling with consumer debt. Loss of a job, unexpected medical bills and other emergencies can lead to out of control debt and a need for relief. People in Ohio may have a lot of options to consider if they are planning to seek relief.

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