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America's most costly medical procedures

Medical debt in Ohio can come from a lot of different sources, but some of the most costly procedures in the United States could land you in the most financial trouble. Ten of the procedures that come with the biggest price tags are as follows:

-- A tracheostomy, at $205,000-- A kidney transplant, at $262,900-- A pancreas transplant, at $289,400-- Open heart surgery, coming in at $324,000-- A liver transplant, at $577,100-- A bone marrow transplant; costs vary but it could cost as much as $676,800-- A double lung transplant, at $797,200; a single lung transplant costs a mere $561,200-- A heart transplant, coming in at $997,000, or just under one million dollars-- A dual heart and lung transplant, at $1,148,400.-- An intestine transplant, at $1,206,000

These are some of the most costly single procedures you're going to see, but it's also important to note that ongoing treatment can run up even higher costs. For instance, if you have cancer or something that requires multiple appointments and long hospital stays, you could owe more than anything on that list. When those types of costs are combined with the procedures listed above, it's easy to see how one medical problem can land you in enough debt that you'll never pay it all off on your own.

When this happens, your only option may be to declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start. If you are facing medical expenses and bills and you have nowhere left to turn, please be sure that you consider all of your alternatives.

Source: The Richest, "The 10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures in America," accessed July 07, 2015

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