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Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings

Let's see if this situation sounds familiar: You have multiple maxed out credit cards, you have a home mortgage, and maybe even a business loan. You make a good and stable income but it gets eaten up by paying off your bills each month. Actually, you're managing your debt fairly well, but it seems you're coming up short each month and having to charge another $200 or $500 on one of you credit cards just to make ends meet.

Well, although this situation might seem tolerable, and you're waiting until business picks up, and then you'll be able to catch up on your bills, you may want to re-evaluate your situation. In fact, you might call this a slow drown in debt. There are no guarantees that you will be increasing your income and you may be headed for a financial meltdown.

When people have this kind of a situation but they also have a regular and predictable income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings might be helpful. This type of bankruptcy will not require you to liquidate any of your personal assets or possessions. Instead, a bankruptcy court will add up all your debts and create a repayment plan (a realistic one that you can afford with one set set monthly payment). After the three- to five-year timeframe of the repayment plan, you will be done -- any remaining debts will be dissolved.

At the Rose Law Office, we help Cincinnati and Hamilton residents investigate whether bankruptcy proceedings are right for them. We also help determine what type of bankruptcy -- be it Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or some other strategy -- is most appropriate for their debt situation. Do you think you could benefit from the bankruptcy process? We are available to talk to you in a free, no obligation and completely confidential debt consultation.

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