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Helping you to restore your credit

For more than two decades, our firm has been assisting Ohio clients who are going through financial challenges and are seeking debt relief. During that time, we have successfully helped individuals find solutions regarding mortgage foreclosures, bank account seizures and vehicle repossessions. Our law firm also has the skill and knowledge necessary in handling wage garnishments, harassing creditors or creditors threatening to file a suit against a debtor.

Former quarterback Vince Young files for bankruptcy

The former starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, Vince Young, has filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy protection, an unusual move. Chapter 11 is typically reserved for businesses, and a majority of Ohio residents who elect to file for bankruptcy will file under Chapter 7 or 13. In this instance, it is speculated that Young is attempting to avoid having a trustee oversee his case.

More job losses in November in Ohio than anywhere else in US

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Ohio lost more jobs in November than any other state. For those dealing with an already struggling economy, the loss of available jobs makes recovery that much harder.

Student loans don't disappear in personal bankruptcy

Ohio college students can probably be forgiven a bit for thinking the cards are stacked against them in financial challenges. The average college student nationwide is leaving school with student loan debt upwards in the area of $40,000 to $50,000. At the same time, the job market keeps finding ways to offer the same jobs for less and less pay. Many college students are finding themselves living back at their parents’ homes and working two or three part-time jobs instead of having a career.

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